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The CNP Series waterproof connectors are renowned for their durability and reliability. These connectors are specifically engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and industrial environments, ensuring optimum performance in any situation. With their ability to protect electrical systems from water damage, they have become an integral component across a wide range of industries and applications. Our company is dedicated to continuous innovation, prioritizing safety and reliability in all aspects of our operations. To maintain the highest quality standards, we invest in state-of-the-art research and testing facilities. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is exemplified by the numerous certifications and patents we hold for our superior connector products.

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If you are interested in evaluating the CNP series waterproof connectors, our dedicated team is ready to offer their assistance. We have extensive expertise in assisting you with connector selection and design, and we can provide expert guidance on integrating them seamlessly into your machine and system designs. Our utmost priority is to deliver exceptional support to guarantee the success of your project. To begin, simply order your sample package today.

Diverse Range of Options Available

Working Temperature

Working Temperature

Our waterproof connector series offers a comprehensive solution to meet your specific requirements in terms of working temperature. These connectors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40° to 125°, making them suitable for freezing cold environments or scorching heat. Rest assured, our connectors are built to perform reliably and effectively under any conditions.



When it comes to materials, our CNP series waterproof connectors have various components such as plug, socket, sealing gasket or O-ring, housing, guide pins, and locking mechanisms. We offer a wide range of material options for these components to ensure that we can meet diverse needs and applications. With these choices available, you can select the most suitable wire connector that fits your specific requirements.

Rate Current

Rate Current

The versatility of our waterproof connectors extends to their rated current capabilities. They can operate within a voltage range of 250V to 450V, covering a wide spectrum of electrical systems. Whether you're dealing with standard low-voltage equipment or higher voltage applications, our connectors can handle the job. With a rated current of 16A, they are particularly well-suited for relatively lower power electrical applications.

Understanding the Inner Workings of Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof connectors are an essential component for protecting electrical connections from moisture and water damage. These connectors employ a sophisticated design to create a tight seal around the connection, effectively preventing water ingress and the subsequent issues of corrosion or short circuits. To achieve this, they often feature rubber or silicone seals that fit tightly around wires or cables, guaranteeing a watertight connection. In some cases, additional locking mechanisms or latches are incorporated to enhance security and prevent accidental disconnections. Ultimately, waterproof connectors offer dependable and safe electrical connections in wet or humid environments.

To ensure optimal performance of a waterproof connector, follow these steps: clean, check for damage, disconnect power, align and secure, inspect for leaks, and reconnect power carefully. By doing so, your waterproof connector will effectively protect electronic equipment in wet environments.

Understanding the Inner Workings of Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof Connector FAQ

A: The CNP series waterproof connectors are designed for use in various applications, including connecting water pumps, street lamps, and construction sites.

The protection degree of the device is rated as IP68.

The material used for this series is PA66 for the connectors shell and copper for the contact material.

The working temperature for this particular product ranges from -40℃ to 125℃.

The rated voltage and current for this particular application are 250V AC and 16 Amp respectively.

The delivery time for our waterproof connectors depends on the quantity of the goods ordered. Please contact our sales team for more specific information regarding the delivery timeline.

Yes, our waterproof connectors have been approved by TUV, CE, CQC, SGS, ROHS, and SASO. These certifications ensure that our products meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

Yes, we provide a few samples free of charge. However, customers need to bear the cost of express shipping for the samples. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss the details and arrange for a sample.

Yes, our waterproof connectors are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Our waterproof connectors are versatile and can be used with a wide range of electrical equipment, including outdoor lighting, landscape irrigation systems, and automotive applications.

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